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About CareMedia

Health care for aging Americans will increasingly focus on maintaining their independence, dignity, and quality of life in settings that approximate their home environment as much as possible. In order to address both the healthcare and economic challenges that will be posed by the graying of America, we propose a technological solution. By developing audio, video, and sensor technologies that can automatically recognize and analyze changes in physical and emotional health, we hope to assist doctors and other caregivers in diagnosing and treating problems earlier, more accurately and effectively.Photo:  Improving quality of health care and enriching quality of life through advanced computer science

CareMedia tackles the challenges of increased demand on careprovider resources and escalating geriatric care costs by developing automated video and sensor analysis tools that will give doctors and other care providers better insight into the lives of nursing home residents. High-quality video cameras, microphones and sensors designed to specifically measure different aspects of physical and emotional health will provide 24/7 comprehensive records of the day-to-day lives of older adults which is far beyond what a health provider can observe, record, and systematically analyze. Computers will automatically identify individuals, classify activities, recognize behaviors, and extract relevant events, such as falls and bouts of agitation. These events, their causes and consequences, will be provided to doctors in a visual summary. Doctors will then have a fuller understanding of an individual’s physical and emotional health and factors that trigger certain events, permitting earlier and more accurate treatment of the problem through counseling and/or medication therapy.

Confidentiality is paramount. CareMedia’s built-in features will respect and protect the privacy and security of all parties in the participating facilities. In addition, oversight for clinical studies and protection of human subjects is provided by Carnegie Mellon’s Institutional Review Board. The research is conducted in accordance with guidelines and regulations governed by the National Institutes of Health and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Health.

Our Mission

  Improving the quality of life of older adults by developing sophisticated, automated tools to continuously monitor and measure their physical, emotional and social well-being. Such an approach will permit earlier implementation of appropriate treatments, while eliminating those that appear to have no benefit.

  Reducing the cost of caring for residents in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living homes, while preserving and advancing the quality of care. Earlier recognition and treatment of changes in their physical or emotional conditions.

  Delaying placement of aging adults into skilled nursing facilities. Providing caregivers tools to maintain longer periods of independent living.

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